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I almost forgot about this game. I decided to rent the sequel on the Wii. Not sure why this is getting a lower score than the original. The Power of Two has improved on pretty much everything found in the original Epic Mickey. The first game had spots where the camera was locked and you couldn't reposition it. Which was just as annoying in Epic Mickey as it was in Mario Galaxy. I haven't seen any of that so far. The level design is better too--it feels more like what I'd expect from the guy who made Deus Ex. The platforming puzzles are better, you might actually have to stop and think where you need to use paint and where to use thinner. The fetch quests are more varied and fun. There's voice acting now like there should have been before. The pins you collect aren't worthless anymore. Mickey can finally interact with his environment. He has new ink power ups. Sketch abilities are more useful. There are alternate costumes. You also have a little bit more ability to backtrack. There are more game altering choices this time and they have lasting consequences. For example, I was asked to help clean up some thinner overflow. I took a shortcut and ended up destroying Ostown (now I know what it feels like to be British Petroleum). Another time I destroyed a shop's generator to get to a treasure chest. When the shop found out they decided to charge me double in the store from then on. And of course there's also co-op added in Epic Mickey 2.

There are things they kept, added, or scrapped from Epic Mickey that I don't like here too. Things like, singing. Also Mickey's actions no longer change his appearance. A lot of atmospheric music sounds like it's been ripped and reused from the first game and it feels like it's out of context at times. The projectors and side scrolling levels are back with a vengeance. Those oddly animated cut scenes that don't fit the rest of the game's CG style make a return. Autosaves . Lastly, I miss Mickey's goofy tiptoe animation.

All things considered, Epic Mickey 2 is really not a game that deserves a lower score than its predecessor unless you hate campy singing brightening up your wasteland. In which case, I feel you.

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aboyd1 wrote:

So what's the deal with the paintbrush you can get for the wii and wii u version what does it actually do

Nothing at all. I don't have one, but the paintbrush and Oswalt's remote are basically just a modded Nunchuck controller. It does the same thing, but looks cooler. Wouldn't mind getting one (Well, Oswalt's is all I can get due to WiiU version) but they're expensive. I love this game though. Wish it had off-screen play and split-screen multi-screen, but it's still amazing. Just as good as the first.

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Is it true that you can use the classic controller with this game? According to Wikipedia you can, but I can't trust them.



Can anyone in the UK or other that got the BBFC rated version confirm what languages are avaliable other than english? (if any)



Believe it or not; I still need to beat this game. I just ended up not liking the slow frame-rate at all and stopped playing, moving on to other games instead. If this game ran silky smooth, I would have cleared it by now, but I have heard before that the Wii U updates may have improved the performance of this game a little. If so, I may still give it a shot, but it's pretty disappointing how I had high expectations for this game that weren't met and I still like the first Epic Mickey better. At least this seems to have a better reception than Power of Illusion.

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Should I get this for the Wii or Wii U???



Only played the Wii U version but it's not that bad. It depends if you prefer Wii remote controls to GamePad, or if you care about HD.



In the end I decided on Wii U so I could experience Wasteland in HD.



This is such a huge 2-year bump and no one realize it :>

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