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Hi guys,

When you are powering on the console with no disc in the drive, does your console make a rather audible noise?

Is it considerably louder than when powering on the console with a disc in the drive?



I am asking other owners of the Wii U console, since this is the Wii U forum.

When the Wii U searches for a new disc on boot, it sounds a bit louder than the original Wii does.

I am wondering if others find that too.



yeah mine does and so does my friends i think it's just what it does like the Wii did too

i'm not sure how i feel about an all digital future but if they sort the prices out (why they still cost more than physical i'll never know) and give us HUGE HDD's then it should be fine i guess


Yeah mine sounds louder too..

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I guess its a normal thing, mine does that too so dont worry

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