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Hi guys,

When you are powering on the console with no disc in the drive, does your console make a rather audible noise?

Is it considerably louder than when powering on the console with a disc in the drive?



I am asking other owners of the Wii U console, since this is the Wii U forum.

When the Wii U searches for a new disc on boot, it sounds a bit louder than the original Wii does.

I am wondering if others find that too.



yeah mine does and so does my friends i think it's just what it does like the Wii did too

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Yeah mine sounds louder too..

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I guess its a normal thing, mine does that too so dont worry

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Hey guys

Today I received another spare wii u console. Basic version, said to be new. when booting up I immediately realized the booting up sound is louder than on my other two wii u. Besides it makes three consecutive sounds instead of just two.
Any experiences wih this?

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