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Peach64 wrote:

If the directors cut wasn't out on other consoles, would people still moan about it being $50? That's the price it originally launched on other consoles too. You shouldn't have a problem paying that because its a great game. Why should they charge less? They decide to put it on other consoles, but they can't launch at full price. The target audience already bought it, and anyone who didn't buy it has already decided it wasn't worth their money, so they have to make the re-release cheaper or there will be no market for it. They're aiming for people that only have a Wii U, because if people already have a 360 or PS3 then they'd probably buy it on those consoles regardless of price.

They delayed our WiiU version by 6 months in order to bring the director cut on PS3 and Xbox 360. If they going to make this multi-console at least sell every version at the same price. WiiU owner getting screwed with a delay and price hike. Don't forget that this game was initially suppose to be release in May 2013 when there was really nothing else to play on the WiiU.

I should mention that I have already bought and beat Deus Ex on Xbox 360.




So why don't you quietly buy the cheaper 360 version rather than trying to stop people from buying the Wii U version?

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if you want to buy it, buy it. If this version doesn't interest you, then don't. We've already got a thread for this game, so feel free to use that thread to discuss it. Thank you! :3

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