Topic: Deus Ex directors cut?

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Not a huge fan of fps but do like 2 dabble I don't fancy bop2 or ghosts dose this game hold its own and look goon in HD on wiiU in comparison 2 the likes of othe fps on other systems I just put bf4 on 360 and thought I need a game that looks just as good or better for my wiiU as not giving up on it I no it can do it if it wants so guys got good marks but wanted ur opinion dose it look and play good thanks for ur help sorry for being a pain hope everyone doing good looking for more of a adult story action adventure type thing if makes sense lol


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Deus Ex is an RPG and it's one of the best games on the system. Much improved over the original Human Revolution. Even almost lives up to the legacy of the first Deus Ex.




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