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Now i know Nintendo aim for a younger/family friendly audience but there are still those Nintendo lovers like myself that like a bit of punching, kicking, Japanese humor and Ninjas - Enter DoA 5 Ultimate.

The game was released as DoA 5 for both the ps3/360 and then again as an enhanced Ultimate edition. (There's also a Vita version)

Team Ninja have already showed their support to Nintendo with DoA Dimensions on the 3ds and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge on the Wii U. Now lets get them to add their fighting franchise to the home-console.

The petition above is to attract the attention of Team Ninja and show that the fans want their fighting series brought to our t.v screens on the Wii U console. Someone like myself who is a huge fighting-game fan would love this, i loved what Tekken brought to the Wii U with all the little Nintendo perks (costumes, mushroom battles) and i'd love to see Team Ninja do the same with DoA, although just a port of the game would make me happy.

I thought this would be the best place to post this seeing as i'm sure there are other fighting fans out there that want a larger selection of titles on the console and since the game has already been finished all it would take is porting (however difficult that may be, i have no idea) Anyway, please sign it - even if you're not a fighting fan at least sign for those who are and for another series to come to the console.

Bring Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to the Wii U! Please Sign!


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@craigorton: Making threads about begging on the forums including for Kickstarters is against our rules. If you would like to bring these up, however, there is a dedicated Kickstarter thread linked here:

Like Tasuki said, you may also feel free to post the links in your sig.

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