Topic: Could/should games like Endless Ocean come to Wii U?

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Looking at the current selection of Wii U games sold on physical discs, they look pretty "conventional" games to me, with the exception of one fitness program. On Wii, there were 'games' that tested the definition of being a game, such as Endless Ocean, Wii Music, the fireplace simulators on WiiWare and so on. I think Little Inferno on the eShop would fall into this category of "game/toy" as well.

With the large install base of Wii, creating a "toy" type of game wasn't as risky a proposition as it would be for the Wii U, I think, unless someone else (Nintendo?) picked up the development bill. Then the question of whether such games would do good or bad for the overall "image" of the Wii U. The Wii could be said to have had a "kiddy"/"casual user" console image, and if Wii U were wanted to shed this image to appeal for the "core gamers", then such apps could be a step backward.

Just to make it clear - I'd love to see a digital-only release of EO1+2 with no other changes but the resolution increased to 1080p. I've spent 7h with Endless Ocean this week. On PC, I've played through the story of Dear Esther at least three times. I've 'cleared' Proteus for at least two times. Analogue: A Hate Story twice. So I do like these 'experimental' titles, even if they wouldn't qualify for full-price physical disc releases. (IMO, Endless Ocean does.)

TL;DR: Apps to be played with ("toys") rather than played ("games"): would having them pop up on the Wii U be desirable and would it be sensible, from the system image POV or the profit margin POV?

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When i got my wiiu i thought it would be great to see endless ocean 3 on wiiu. I mean to look around with the gamepad would this make an even greater experiance.
Also the wii u s a great platform for experiments but some one gotta have the balls to make them

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yes, this game was great. i liked how the first one was 29.99€ when it was new. Was an instant day one buy. Also spent more than 100 hours on the second one. Amazing games. A third game for Wii U is greatly appreciated.


Endless Ocean was beautiful on the Wii, so it'd probably be really stunning in HD on the Wii U.



Could they? Yes, I think Nintendo could take a gamble on releasing a game like this. Not sure that any third parties would though, due to the limited install base.

Should they? Probably. Nintendo targets a different audience than Microsoft/Sony and expanding the idea of what "games" are is part of their business model. These experiences reach different segments of the market and appeal to people who would never play games like GTA or Halo or Uncharted. A sequel (spiritual or actual) to Endless Ocean in HD could be appealing to a lot of people. Sales for the first game on Wii were apparently strong enough to make the sequel appealing from a business standpoint. It wouldn't surprise me to see something similar arrive on Wii U eventually.

Hopefully the series does continue. Playing an HD version of Endless Ocean on Wii U would be spectacular.


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Oh yeah totally! They could make great use of the Wii U's enhanced power compared to the Wii for an Endless Ocean game! And they could make lots of fun uses of it on Miiverse, sharing your discoveries and such over Miiverse would be nice!
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If this series existed on Wii U, I'd probably abuse the ability to poke my fish.

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An excellent idea. I can see this happen. Skipped the Wii ones but will definitely purchase on the Wii U.

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@ejamer: On the other hand, EO "has been done" on Wii already and it can be played on Wii U's as well, effectively cannibalizing the sales of the potential Wii U sequel. I do hope that they'd bring something similar to the Wii U, but I don't know what that could be. I'm glad it's not my job to figure that out either

The thing with this type of games is that their ideas are pretty difficult to come up with. It's just so much easier to work within known game genres (or mix'n'matching them). I wouldn't mind being an explorer on a newly colonized planet without a bunch of bullet-spongy enemies attacking me every ten metres or so, but rather investigating the geological history of the planet and such with the goal of helping the colony grow. Take on Mars might be a bit too realistic a take, though, and it has no colony on Mars (that I know of).

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Maybe a new pokemon snap???

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The only time I truly missed HD on the Wii was when I played Endless Ocean. I loved the game and thought it was beautifully rendered, but the experience would have been so much better with HD visuals.

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No, Endless Ocean was garbage.

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