Topic: Could a Wii U mini be made and 2 USB ports and the SD Card Slot removed to cut costs (gets technical)?

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No need to get so aggressive. I simply said that one of the major reasons for a full redesign across the consoles is to make the console smaller. I said that the Wii U "is just as small as the Wii was" because it effectively is. I don't think any major improvements can be made to the appearance of the console itself to justify the effort. Making it a tiny bit shorter isn't going to turn heads... mostly because you never see that part of the console anyways.

The GamePad however can be improved and introducing OLED is one such advance. Also no, a console redesign doesn't necessarily have to be gimping of the hardware and scaling back. As I mentioned the portable consoles have had a much larger share of revisions and most of them have been in the "better tech" direction. The GameBoy Color was a Gameboy with a colour screen, the GameBoy Pocket had an improved screen, the GBA SP included a backlight, the DSLite, DSi and DSiXL all improved on the screens of their predecessors. More recently we got the 3DSXL. If they are going to do a redesign the GamePad is where they can improve on things the most and if it's a few years down the track OLED could be one of the things on the table.

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