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sinanziric wrote:

Let's put it this way:

I believe that Assassins Creed IV Black Flag (Wii U) is gonna look the same as PS3 version. Is that alright?
Is it acceptable for you guys to play 7th gen on 8th gen console?

@Square-Head Have you played NBA 2k13 on Wii U? Darksiders 2? FIFA 13? They were so BAD on Wii U that's horrible.
For example NBA 2k13 (Reduced physics, 30 fps instead 60 fps + full physics on ps3 xbox360) and more....

We can all hope that Wii U is more powerful than it looks like. I will not buy games that are graphically inferior or the same as PS3/XBOX 360. In that case
I would by PS3/360 version. I can't believe that Nintendo has launched 7th gen console. Feel free to defend this stance with 2nd screen which is pretty much useless in many games.

I haven't played nba or fifa so I cannot comment on those titles

But darksiders 2 was much better on the wii u, especially the ps3 version. And yes it is because of the second screen.

On the wii u you can equip ALL of deaths powers, on the other console versions you can only equip 4 to the face buttons, so thats a MAJOR game changer right there.

plus you have the map in your hands, so you don't have to keep pausing and breaking the experience, not to mention off screen play.

and not at any one point did I experience any technical issues that I did not on the ps3 version



I love it how everyone is a backseat analyst nowadays.

So much speculation stated as fact here. Nobody on the boards knows the true reason for the delayed annoucement.

Stop thinking you are all business men.



@DePapier If you can get out of bed in the morning and say 5 words then this is the job for U




I think it may had something to do with the negotiations that where going on to buy Activision shares, announcing a Wii U version which investors would have likely expected to be a money loser could have lowered the share price (even if not by much) after the transaction was completed they were free to announce the Wii U version..... that makes sense considering they have announced they are supporting the Wii U just after the deal was made public..... If they had announced before investors may have been scared off by the prospect of company dumping lots of money onto a plataform with an uncertain future

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