Topic: Console Cost of Ownership (and WiiU Price Drop)

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@Uptownsoul: Yeah, it's a fair point. I still don't see the next Nintendo console, whatever it is, debuting more than a year ahead of the next Sony/MS console... unless @DefHalan is right and they go for the mid-term releases. That could actually work since Nintendo's always trying to capture the more casual market. Release the new system halfway through so that you have a high-powered system while the others are working on their NextGens and then you have the budget system when the new ones come out. They could ensure that they have 3rd party support for the life of the console too since they'd have the high-powered machine at first and then upgrade right when the games are starting to surpass its capabilities. I like that line of thinking



I'm one of those people that buys the "complete set" for whatever product I choose to buy.
Since Nintendo's products were the first things out(3DS - 2011, Wii U 2012), I bought those things first and decked them out.
I guess I could have waited for Xbox One, but I like Nintendo and are generally more familar with the company than any other.

I'm not "twisting" numbers, or saying which one's better. It just so happens that my first choice was the only choice at the time, and it just so happens it's cheaper. So ya, I agree that it's what you deem more valuable and such.

I had the anti-PS4 mentality before that thing was even announced, based on my time with my PS3. That's just my opinion.
My attitude towards 8th gen is get Nintendo, get Xbox One later. That's just me.

I've said this before, I plan on getting an Xbox One "complete" set as well, but that won't be fir a while.

Also, about the Windows 8 tablet price, it's about the same price as any of the other gadgets if you find a deal. I'd rather have a tablet than a phone. I should have just said, Smartglass.


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Yeah I was just saying that the price for smartglass shouldn't really be included since the majority of people probably has some device that works as a smartglass device. But I do understand what you mean by picking up a complete set of items. Even I plan to eventually get a windows phone and tablet. (that's mostly due to liking each os though.)

Even my laptop can do smartglass.


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