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Let's play hypothetical CEO of Nintendo. What would you do to improve Wii U sales?

Here is what I would do.

First, I would buy the rights to Megaman from Capcom. Megaman is a classic NES title and I believe would be a huge acquisition to the Nintendo lineup. Second, I would pay Konami to either sell the Castlevania IP to Nintendo or to make an exclusive series of Castlevania games for the Wii U/3DS.
Third, I would announce three new games that would be delivered in episodic content. These episodes would not be like Half Life Episodes. Rather, they would be shorter in duration and would come out much more frequently. (Half Life episodes take roughly 5 hours to beat. These episodes would be roughly 3 hours). Each episode would be released as frequently as possible. If it is possible once a month. Each of three episodic series would be sold at about 8 bucks an episode or you could subscribe for 24 months worth of episodes for something like $99. Game number one would be a Metroid game, game 2 a Megaman game, and game 3 would be the long awaited but never made game about Julius Belmont...the last Belmont who finally defeated Dracula (none of this Lords of Shadow nonsense). Each of these series have cult followings that would bring people to the Wii U.
Fourth, I think I would also announce a Megaman inspired fighting game. You could choose from Megaman and unlock a wide variety of bosses that have appeared in the games over the years.
Boom, I just saved the Wii U.

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I'd kill Nintendo and make it go bankrupt because I'm no executive and my decisions would be all as a gamer and not as someone trying to keep a company alive and cry afterwards for killing my favorite gaming company by accident...

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I'd sell the company to Sony so they can finally do the games right. Mario can finally have a gun and be a man!

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BadKitty wrote:

Mario can finally have a gun and be a man!

Contains cussing

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I'd give the proper people their jobs back, after bribing them to make the games I want.
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I'd fire virtually everyone involved in marketing.

Buying all of those IPs sounds fine and dandy, but having MegaMan and Castelvania on the Wii U isn't the difference between the Wii U being a success or failure. It's the public's perception of the Wii U...if they even have one at all.

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I wouldn't be able to do anything because most things take more than a day to complete.

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I'd hire Carl Jrs marketing team (love those commercials) . Also I would invest in Wayforward and the team behind Mutant Mudds. I'd make an offer to Konami for the Hudson soft IPs, namely Bonk, Adventure Island, Bomberman - I think those could be used in different ways. I'd go mad with power and rename the Wii-U

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I would release Miiverse for 3DS and have the Wii U owners convert the giant install base of the 3DS. Oh wait.

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I would put the rest of 1st party titles on the NES/SNES/GB/GBC (3DS/Wii U VCs) and start putting GBA, GCN, N64, Sega consoles, etc. on VC. Oh, and beg for SE to put DQ7/TW in the West.

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Step 1: Hire new marketing team and get a team who knows what to do and how to market well.
Step 2: Keep producing great first party titles.
Step 3: Reach out to third party developers and offer assistance in funding when it comes to making games for the Wii U

Step 4: Go Bankrupt in a year because I dont know what I am doing like everyone on this forum - None of you can run a company worth BILLIONS.

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I'd make nintendo the first and only company that fully supported all there gaming systems. Just because the NES and the others are old doesn't mean their no fun. I'd keep producing games for them, but just not in the masses like the newest system would get. Imagine new creative games for the NES, SNES, 64 and so on. Maybe I'm to much a retro guy but I think if Sony still made games for the PS2 and supported its online servers still, it'd be killing it. Retro is fun C'mon admit it ...... C'mon.... C'mon. Lol.

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Two things
1. Buy Capcom with the sole purpose of replacing management
2. Make Wii U commercials that are Terry Crews, Kevin Butler, Reggie and the Most Interesting Man in the World in a barbershop quartet.


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I would build a giant Nintendo starship, and fly into the galaxy, bringing video games to aliens from different planets that don't have video games yet. Being the first ever video game company to do this, we would make billions. Since I would somehow patent this idea, this would ban Sony, Microsoft, Apple and the rest of the company's that make systems and platforms that have apps and games of some sort (so they can't sell anything on these new planets, and if they want to bring their games to these planets, then they must make them for Nintendo consoles).

^I'm only saying the positive things of this, because how could this fail, i'm the Ceo, so it must work somehow, and any problem there might be..............i'll take care of it.

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I would spend the day talking to Iwata because he knows how to run the company better than anyone

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I would not focus on the wii u it's a failure.
I would invest a ton of resources into the next generation console for nintendo and make them come up with a really revolutionary concept like the Wiimote or the DS.
I wouldn't actually focus much on the 3ds either, it seems to be just fine. Maybe invest time into creating the inevitable HDS with REAL 3d.

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I'd make decisions that are beyond any average gamer's expertise with the help of the Board of Directors.

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2Sang wrote:

I would not focus on the wii u it's a failure.

I wouldn't actually focus much on the 3ds either

So ignore your main products until new ones come? That makes so much sense

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I would sink the ship then casually walk away... Do it for SEGA baby!




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