Topic: Capcom turns back on Nintendo. Zero games to be announced for E3.

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Or make plenty of obvious Capcom jokes. Unironically, these are fun and should continue for as long as possible.

i like you.

Same, he's one of my favourite users. Each day I go onto NL, (which is everyday unless I'm away and have no internet connection) its pretty much a guarantee that I'll see at least one awesome comment from him. Sometimes I'll go to a thread or go to thread sooner than I was intending to just because the most recent comment on it was from him. If he was a games journalist, I'm sure he would make some very entertaining articles.

disagree, I am very rarely funny outside of making short replies to things other people said. I recently made a topic about how often endings to a series suck, and was proud of it and even that was incredibly flawed, to say the least.

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Capcom joke # 1,467,879

Passengers have boarded moon flight and anticipating delicious ice-cream. Capcom announces over loud speaker that our tasty treat is cancelled and they have abandoned ship.



Capcom joke # 1,467,880

How many capcom employees does it take to make a game?
one to announce it and one to cancel it.



Capcom joke # 1,467,881

Resident Evil Outbreak 1 & 2



I don't like this topic anymore.

Just for you.
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after the one i just deleted (wholly inappropriate, MadAussieBloke, btw), i think it's proof this topic has run its course. :/

future of NL >:3
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