Topic: Call of Duty Ghosts is now truly confirmed for Wii U

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^Why the question mark? Considering the intense focus on online multiplayer with Call of Duty, people usually buy the version that their friends have. For most people, that'd be the 360 or PS3.

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Some folks who could have never cared less about Call of Duty can be interested by that Wii U entry. Most of all, most of these folks happen to be Nintendo fans, Wii U owners or potential Wii U owners. I am one of these folks and I loved Call of Duty Black Ops II for the campaign, for off-TV multiplayer, for Wiimote shooting: this is who Activision is targeting at. Especially since Battlefield is ruled out for Wii U, they have the monopoly of major FPS on the U. What's more they are actually bringing a reknown storywriter for the campaign.

Lots of people play Call of Duty online on the Wii U to play among other Wii U owners new to the franchise, and they love the game. So how can one argue that nobody should care?

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I think you all are gonna be very surprised on the outcome of purchases for Wii u and call of duty. From research and forums searches it looks like a LOT of people are planning for this purchase on their Wii u

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