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Ok, so after spending quite a bit more time with Ghosts, I've noticed that the noises coming from the system are fairly significant. The Wii U is pretty much constantly accessing the disc, and it worries me a bit. My Wii's disc drive gave up on me a total of 3 times. Once for Smash Bros. Brawl (which happened to a lot of people), another time after playing Black Ops on it for a few months, and again after playing Modern Warfare 3 on it for a few months. I can't be certain that Call of Duty was the definite cause for the last two, or if it was just overuse in general. Either way, this has me thinking about what Ghosts may or may not be doing to my Wii U's disc drive. Whether my worries are real or just me overthinking, I don't want this thing to quit on me. Anyone have any input?

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