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What if I have no interest in the other consoles' games? It's not that I'm a Nintendo fanboy who snubs the other consoles, but I'm just not interested in XBox One's games or most of PS4's. The only PS4/XBox One game that would interest me is Kingdom Hearts 3 and nothing else. Does that make me stupid?



I have a PS2 buried in the backyard somewhere if that counts... I guess I'm just an ↓



I only want a Wii U I like Nintendo games the only thing I miss about only owning a Nintendo console is the JRPGS on Sony consoles but now Wii U is getting X and SMT x FE I tend to not care


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Banker-Style wrote:

So that makes me one happy a hole.


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That sentance made no sense at all. I really do not get how you go from missing out on games to be an ?.

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now that you've vented about IGN and some have had fun using a naughty word, i think this one has run its course.

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