Topic: Bought a wii u at target today, associate didnt know what it was

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moomoo wrote:

Why do people think that the name is the problem? That doesn't make any sense to me.

If there was a ton compelling software for the Wii U, then people would buy Wii U games for their Wii and then later figure out that their newly bought game does not work on their Wii. If they care that much, they'll probably just buy the Wii U. That's for the people that are impulse buyers.

Most people don't impulse buy a $300 system. They do some semblance of research, since that's a pretty good chunk of change. If there aren't enough compelling games (to that specific person) or compelling features (to that person), then they won't buy it. End of story.

Names don't make a system fall. It's the games and the way they're advertised.

A lack of advertising games certainly doesn't help. However, I HAVE heard a lot of stories about people returning NSMBU (and other titles) because they thought it was for Wii. If you're returning a game, it's unlikely you'll be being the console on the spot when you discover that it exists, as these mistakes are typical "mom" mistakes. Hell, my own mom had even heard about a new mario game (NSMBU), and if I should get it to play with my 3 year old nephew. This was from before I bought a wii u, and I had to explain to her that I'd had to buy a new console in order to get the new mario game. So obviously, some level of advertisement existed, they just failed to communicate to the parents of the world that this is a new console.

(She actually kept on talking about that mario game for a while, which is what eventually got me to buy a Wii U this October. Parked the wii u at my parents house, so once my nephews are old enough I can play with them too! the 3 year old one is still a little too young to get a grip on the controls, lol...)

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Do people telling these "Mums in shops" stories have poor long term memories or something? I remember my parents doing the same for pretty much everything. I have even seen it i shops with other things like a few years back going through the Blu-Rays. Not just confusion about what Blu-Rays were from the consumers but the same old story of retailers trying to convince people to buy the DVDs because they "wouldn't want" Blu-Rays. And not during the HD-DVD/BluRay wars either, well after that. Despite that Blu-Rays have done pretty well.

I remember something similar back when I was trying to convince my parents to get me a GameBoy Color. They really had no idea what it was or why I would want it. The thing that eventually convinced them was the fact that some games I wanted to get started to only work on the GBC. They were pretty surprised, they thought a GameBoy game worked on all GameBoys. Again I wouldn't be shocked if the same thing is happening to kids now who own 360s, PS3s and Wiis. I'm pretty sure it would have happened to kids who owned DSes.

Again the thing that changes that is content. When there's content everyone suddenly gets it.

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