Topic: What's the best technique for cleaning the Wii-U gamepad screen?

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So after like 4 days of use, the once wonderful screen is now covered in fingerprints and bits of dust ect. What the best and safest way to clean it?

Is dampening a micro fibre cloth with water and wiping the screen in a circular motion ok? I'm a bit worried about wiping the dust off and getting some stuck under the edge of the screen. Please help?

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Just a little damp, yea...maybe alcohol is better. Never really cleaned screens before with any liquid honestly, lol. But I think it'll work better.

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I would just use a damp micro fiber cloth, thats what I use on my 3DS anyway havent cleaned the Wii U game pad yet. And if fingerprints and dust bother you, you might want to look into some screen protectors.

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