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I dont have a wii u. Do lots of reading and came across this comment

Make a Call of Duty game where I get to draw out quick tactics schematics in real-time for all my friends to see on the GamePad controllers and to design maps with an in-game height map editor and using texture packs downloaded from the built-in browser on the GamePad, and all of a sudden, I’m caring about a Call of Duty game after a long, long while.

I have to admit that sounds good. any other ideas? I like the concept of Luigis mansion in Nintendo Land and can forsee many fun party games coming to the Wii U. I don't have any ideas of my own personally, I don't feel the wiimote itself has been fully tapped either, but thats another story.
Looking forward to trying out the wii u at the gamestop when they finally get it.

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The gamepad would be very, very good for traditional strategy games, which were never able to find a true home on consoles. Yeah, there are some good games out there like Halo Wars, but nothing along the lines of Starcraft or Civilization. I love the prospect of these kinds of games finding an even wider market, because they are very good games.

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Best thread ever
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If the old E3 trailer featuring a drawing of Link is any indication, you'll also be able to draw/paint with pressure sensitivity like the DS & DS Lite had with Homebrew Colors.

Any Wii U owners have a decent drawing app yet?

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No drawing app so to speak as of yet except miiverse and wiiUchat single colour drawing madness.
(but I do know of one due out by April)

I think the best use of the gamepad so far is for ZombieU. The whole game shows this gamepad to it's true potential. I'm loving it.

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