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So I think its about time we had a discussion on this. I'm sure we've all had some fun times on Miiverse by now, what were some of the funniest or best moments that happen to you? It could be a drawing you're really proud of, getting a lot of yeahs on a post, making a new friend, etc!

One of my best moments:
One of my posts that I made in the BIT.TRIP Runner 2 Community actually got a comment and a yeah from Mike Roush, Co-Creator of Runner 2!

So what was your favorite Miiverse moment? Feel free to share pictures.

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I don't have one, i have only got one yeah on like 5 out of 50 something of my posts.

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If only they could allow us to properly take miiverse pics and upload them.

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Having the most popular post on the Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper community for three days.

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really good topic! all though i cant think of much myself. id sat just this morning on the punch out miiverse everyone sharing tips on tricky fights, really good comunity spirit, really shows miiverse doing what its supposed too.

put it on.


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