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So I'm about to buy me a Wii U. But I have a couple of questions first.

A) Are all Wii games compatible with the Wii U? (Very important).

B) Do you have to have a Wii motion plus Wiimote or can you use the old Wiimote too? (I have both so no big deal).

C) If I transfer my VC and Wii Ware from my old Wii, will I be able to download everything again? (to the Wii U that is, I'm aware that once you do a transfer it's no longer possible to download it all again to your old Wii). I have a lot of VC games and they don't all fit into the Wii memory at the same time.



Thanks for the answer! I had a feeling that the VC and Wii Ware were going to be a bit problematic. But no big deal, I will keep them on my Wii. The main concern was the backwards compability though. Now I will be able to play my Wii games on my Eizo computer screen due to the Wii U having HDMI output.



a. yes as far as i'm aware. I've had no problems so far.
b. both types of wiimotes are supported.
c. i think that there are literally only a couple of games that can't be transfered, but you'll be prompted on which ones.
just to add, any wii points you have in the shop will get transfered over too, but you can't move them to the wiiu eshop.
in wii mode the news, weather and photo channels are gone. also, the friends list has been taken off along with wii mesaging.
because the friends list is gone from wii mode, wii speak channel is also not supported, but you should still be able to use wii speak in games such animal crossing.
all online wii games are still supported, and any friends you've added to those games will stay there.
sd cards are only supported in wii mode, not wiiu mode.
lastly, be prepared to spend a while downloading updates, and the wii transfer will take a while too depending on how much stuff you have stored on your wii.
@mudjo, all games you've paid for on the wii are free when you redownload them in wii mode, you only need to pay for them again if you want to transfer them to wiiu mode, but that's only when nintendo finally put the games up in the eshop.

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Thanks for the clarification! This is looking to be a great buy. I'm not holding off any longer



All your VC information gets transferred. You can re-download all your Wii VC games onto your Wii U's Wii Mode for free, updating them when they come available on Wii U will cost a small amount of money. I know Lost Winds does not transfer, all other games do i think.

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