Topic: Battlefield 4 skipping wii u!

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Now that's just BAAAAAD news!

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Ah well. At least you can always rely on COD. I expect the majority of my Holiday and Fall gaming time to be taken up by Watch Dogs anyways. Honestly I really was not expecting B4 on the Wii U seeing the crappy support EA has given it so far. No DLC for Mass Effect or Need for Speed, really? EA and Origin can go to hell for all I care.

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It's EA, so there really was no hope.

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Saw this coming. Would've dope to have it on the Wii U. That's EA for ya!



My god,this console can't get any support can it? you dun goofed Iwata.Hopefully he's gone by the end of the year and we get a new Nintendo CEO to fix this.

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yawn, be quiet

can't say that i care, i won't play any of these intellectually undemanding//dull CoD/BF games anyway, but then again... many people care, so this definitely sucks
it was obvious though: EA at it's best.



I'm disappointed they're putting it on 360 and PS3. It just means that like Watchdogs, Destiny and Asassins Creed 4, it won't be true next gen, and will be held back by the fact they need to get it running on old tech. These games will all be last gen games that get a little enhancement on PS4 and Nextbox, like Just Cause did last time around. Look at Just Cause now, it's clearly not part of this gen and we'll look back at Watchdogs and the others in the same way.

The launch trailer did look pretty good, but it's frustrating. Things will get so much better once developers can forget about 360 and PS3.



Boo Hoo, FPS fodder!! All we have to look forward too is; Zelda, mario, smash bros, bayonetta...oh u now what I mean

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No surprises there!

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Four games. Step aside 360/PS3/PC, Wii U is in town!


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There really is no need for buying a PS4 and Durangangananingo because PS360 will still be getting all the games anyway



There was never any hope for BF4 hitting WIiU, ever. EA & Nintendo don't get along.

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the third one sucked anyway.... i had it on ps3 and traded it back in within a few months. not a dissapointment

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Wait I thought they said they were putting BF on next gen platforms


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Popcorn wrote:

the third one sucked anyway.... i had it on ps3 and traded it back in within a few months. not a dissapointment

Im pretty sure that you are not talking about battlefield 3!! It was one of the best FPS and its a regret that we are not having it on the Wii u

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Sensei_PikPik wrote:

It's EA, so there really was no hope.

They JUST released a game on Wii U a week ago.

Best thread ever
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People have gotta stop making a topic every time some game isn't coming to the Wii U. At the moment the Wii U isn't selling well, don' expect publishers to be willing to take a gamble on a console that has such a small install base.

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