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1. Do you think Wii U will have an advantage this time as the new Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed by the studio that ported Arkham City or will it suffer from the same technical issues?
2. Will the franchise become tired and bland as they begin releasing them on a yearly basis?
3. Why does everyone fault Nintendo for releasing new games of classic IPs (i.e. Mario, Zelda) when any studio starts pumping out franchise titles at an extraordinary rate as soon as it sells north of 5mil? ...And why wouldn't they? It's a safe and solid business plan.


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Everyone accuses everyone else of releasing sequels, rehashes. It's silly... they ALL do.

Wii-U is probably at a disadvantage concerning sales. Batman hasn't been a letdown yet, so Rocksteady, keep 'em coming. While it feels a bit like filler, the Montreal Origins conceptually has a lot going for it. Around 3 times the size of Arkham City. Essentially, all of Gotham opens up. That's kind of exciting.

I'm looking forward to 3DS Blackgate even more, though. It would be great to have a quality Batman portable title.

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1. Hopefully it just means that they'll be released the same day, which alone should help the Wii U.
2. The day people get tired of Batman is the day I become a real wolf.
3. Because Mega Man proved that such business practices can potentially ruin a series. I personally think there were more problems with Mega Man than just yearly releases, though.

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I think because we don't see that many new AAA franchises from Nintendo compared to the other big too. We mostly see smaller new franchises and the oold guard stays big. That and people ignore that Nintendo's IP's are similar to disney where they probably will never go out of style.

Batman is pretty awesome too.


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You make me sad, you know that? I thought this was gonna be about Adam West Batman. Well, since I'm already here;

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yo Happy_Mask bro like video man lol...

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@Happy_Mask Sorry... It'd be kind of interesting if they tried making a campy Batman game. Platinum could do it.


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The difference between porting a game and developing a game for more than one platform at a time. I would be pretty surprised if the Wii U got a buggier version than the other platforms this time around. If problems come up during development on the Wii U version they can fix it while they're working on it and they'll have more time to do so.

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