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it's been confirmed that wiiU will play all wii games but unfortunately nintendo didn't go into details about how wii games will look on an HD system. from what i know there are three possibilities:
it could upscale games to HD resolutions before outputting them, giving you pretty much the same picture the wii scalers available now do.

it could uprender games the way the wii's emulator does with N64 games, creating all the polygons at HD resolutions and taking full advantage of the new system's power.

or it could just do nothing and output them at 480p.

what do you guys think is most plausible? lots of people have been clamoring for a wii HD after seeing uprendered shots around the web and maybe if the new console had that ability it'd stem illegal emulator use a little but it may make wii emulation much more complicated. i'd be surprised if it doesn't at least upscale.

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Two more questions:

1. Will Gamecube discs work?
2. Will there be a transfer procedure for Virtual Console / Wiiware?

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The trouble with accepting GC discs is they'd still have to include the controller and memory card ports, so it's probably not worth including.

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I heard rumors that the controller ports are coming along. There were many Wii games that also used GC controllers for players who didn't want to mess with the motion controls.
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The Memory card slots on the other hand... I'm not sure. That is a good point.

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nintendo seems to stay compatible with only the last generation (DS>gameboy advance, 3DS>DS, wii>gamecube). they'll probably ditch gamecube support just because, you've got to move on at some point. there's also no real need for gamecube controllers now that the standard controller is dual analog, plus i'm sure by now all of us here have either a wii or gamecube to take care of those games just fine.

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romulux wrote:

nintendo seems to stay compatible with only the last generation

Agreed. However, in this last generation we got Bomberman Blast with 8 player support. 4 Wiimotes + 4 GC controllers = 8 players. Losing the GC ports means losing totally awesome 8 player Bomberman.



yarrggg... that sucks. i don't know if i trust reggie's explanation, since it's already obviously proven that wii games can run in HD without alteration. it reminds me of when nintendo said the wii couldn't play DVD's without a hardware upgrade while certain... "3rd party" channels proved otherwise.

from what reggie was saying though it sounds as if they're talking about uprendering, where the game is actually rendered at a different resolution. i see no reason why the new system couldn't still upscale the signal before outputting it to the tv, that has no impact on how the game is emulated or rendered right?

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While I can Understand them dropping Gamecube Support I hope they keep it.



any news on if it will be possible to transfer wiiware, VC or other DLC from our current Wii's to this new Wii U?



Honestly I find all of those "upscalers" to be bogus. When I play my Wii games on an HDTV with standard cables, I get the same exact picture as if they were "HD".

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I think this might affect my decision to buy one. I have way more GameCube games than Wii games but there's a lot of titles I'll miss if I upgrade to Wii U (I'm not allowed more than one console under the TV for the record - this house is very anti-clutter). For a start I opted to buy the GameCube Twilight Princess over the Wii version (I'm not buying it again), I love the Rogue Squadron games, Wind Waker, F-Zero, the entire Resident Evil series, Dreamcast conversions, Soul Calibur 2, my extensive retro compilations (including Zelda Collection), Killer 7, Twin Snakes - list is almost endless.

So yeah, this is really disappointing for me. I think I'll move onto PC gaming in the next generation for new titles and just stick with the current Wii for under the TV. I've invested in a nice collection of titles over the last ten years that I don't want to get rid of and with PC gaming you can always find a way to play your old favourites.

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It's only logical that support for old systems fades away over time. People who are still eager to play those games every once in a while could just keep their old console.



Kotaku did a close look at the console itself. There is definitely, definitely no GC controller ports (at least not in this design which isn't final)

Interesting specs on the ports: 4 USB ports (2 front under flap, 2 rear), HDMI, video out, sensor bar out, SD card. If you look on the controller there are contacts on the bottom (presumably for charging) as well as what looks like a data port (expansion?) and some holes (maybe for a charging stand?). Whole thing is slightly bigger than a Wii.

but yeah... no gamecube controller ports at all

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You know what this means!

HD Remakes of Cube games priced at $39.99! lol

Most likely Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker.



PS3WiiFTW wrote:

This isn't good. Reggie said the Wii U will not upscale Wii games. Here's the link: Fast forward to 20 seconds and watch.

Im okay with that. hated the interview, he spent more time attacking reggie than getting answers.


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