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Wii U basic down to £149 and Wii U Deluxe down to £199. Check for yourselves!

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that is insane..... stock clearance ?

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You've forgot to say that all Wii U games are now £18.
So that means
Zombi U
Nintendo Land
New Super Mario Bros U
Just Dance 4
Sonic and Sega Racing
are all £18

Assassin's Creed 3 is at the silly price of £12.

I was told buy the store manger in my local ASDA,that they're not doing Wii U games any more as they didn't pick up.

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Amazon Italy had the premium version for 249 euro (215 quid) for a few months but yesterday the price went up a bit again and it's now selling for 270 euro. Guess it means it's selling more. In the meantime, they still refuse to build an individual section for WiiU and the games and console are still sold under the Wii section. I wonder why they complain for lack of sells if they didn't even built its own section in the videogame department.
Same thing for - they already have PS4 and XB1 individual sections but WiiU is still coupled with Wii. I understand they do this because WiiU is backwards compatible, but it just confuses people on the nature of the new console. Seems like online shops are not even trying selling the machine.

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worst case scenario for nintendo.

Large groups of American Nintendo Fanboys requesting asylum in EU because they were abused by NoA

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The Asda by me stopped selling Wii U, you cannot even buy the game's anymore, just PlayStation/Xbox. Thay said use Asda Dircet to me if i wanted Wii U games, and even than Asda Dircet only have 7 Wii U games.



Jeesh , places not carrying Wii U games, places not carrying PC games.

Stores should be renamed to 3DPlayBox to respresent what they sell....that kinda sounds dirty....perhaps not

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I saw Amazon selling black Wii U consoles for £200 a week ago now they have gone back up to £250!!!!



Yep ASDA have been selling at this price for nearly a month now. Amazon also had it at this price last week. Very good price for a decent console. Just lacking games at the moment. Sad to say but maybe ASDA are trying to get shut of there remaining Wii U console and games. My 2 local Asda stores stopped selling Wii U games and consoles a while ago. But still sell PS3 and Xbox and DS and Vita game and are taking pre orders for PS4 and Xbox One.

Is the Wii U really doing that badly? I know it is not in a good place at the moment. But I didn't think it was that bad where places like Amazon and Asda have had to knock £100 of each console ($153 for people in the US). Also knocking a good £15-£20 of the software.



ASDA direct dont even do the Premium console anymore. Only Basic for £149. Tesco near me started to have ZombiU and NSMBU on the shelves about a month or so after launch... Now there is nothing, Only Just Dance on Wii and latest 3DS games.... While the other side is huge with Xbox and PS Games/Accessories.

How are people meant to know about it if these places dont advertise or show interest in it themselves....


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I bought ACIII a couple months ago from Asda for the WiiU and it left the staff bewildered. They didn't know what it was/was for.
I think I might have been the first person to buy anything WiiU related at the time.

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