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It has been a few days since the Wii U was released in the US and am just wondering. Are you still getting to grips with the Wii U pad or does it just feel right. Today when I went into GAME (UK) they had a Wii U basic pack hooked up to a 32" HDTV. I picked up the controller and almost instantly is felt....right. It did not feel awkward to hold or press any of the buttons. The back buttons/triggers seem to be well placed.

Before today I was always worried about the Wii U pad being awkward and uncomfortable to use. I also thought the pad was going to be huge going by the pictures but it really is not big at all.

Sadly I did not have time to play any games.



I found it instantly comfortable.


  • It's super light.
  • all of the buttons are positioned well. The triggers are indeed well placed and i've yet to hit them by accident.
  • response of the touch screen is perfect. There hasn't been a single time where I touched the screen and it failed to respond.


  • rumble is super weak
  • analog sticks are slippery. Pretty much exactly like the nunchuck's analog stick. There are 3rd party solutions for this however if it really bugs you.
  • you can't turn the screen off while playing any game. I want to switch it off to save battery life while playing mario single player and there isn't a way. I know I could switch to a wii remote... but I want to use the new controller damnit! This feature seems like a no brainer and hopefully can be added in a future update.


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Ya I think it's super comfortable already It feels super comfortable and I've played with it for 12 hours in one day without my hand cramping


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I find it highly pinchy and makes my paws dry, and it is hard to hold, sometimes I have to take out my claws just to hold it such a disappointment. >:[

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I thought it was comfortable the first moment I held it.

It makes going back to my 3DS feel kinda ehh.

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It felt right from the start. No handling issues. Love it!



I instantly adapted to the Game Pad. It is a top-notch controller.

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To be honest when they first announced the controller I instantly assumed it was going to be difficult to get used to (as awesome as the concept was). When I went to my city's Wii U Experience over the summer, however, I was surprised at the controller's light weight and how well it fit in my hands. Now that I own one, I love it even more!


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The Wii U GamePad is a dream! It is very comfortable!


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It's the only controller that doesn't give me a hand cramp after playing for 6 hours straight. Very comfortable.

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I will play the Wii U GamePad a lot after playing Nintendo games. Miiverse is addictive!


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[quote=Popo_man]It's the only controller that doesn't give me a hand cramp after playing for 6 hours straight. Very comfortable.[/quote


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I am comfy with it. Ergonomically I like it better than wii u controllers. However I still want a pro controller.



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