Topic: Are there any nintendo directs coming up ?

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Also when is sakurai most likely to announce a new character.

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And no one knows when Sakurai may or may not decide to show a new character, except Sakurai.

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Can't believe they won't put something out before the Euro release of Pikmin 3. Guessing either next Wed or the following one.

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we need a 3DS direct the last few have been all about Wii U

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Chris720 wrote:

@ferthepoet What is there to announce about for the 3DS? They've already shown us what's coming out this year for the system.

Mii Verse, Account system, release dates for bravely default and professor layton, pokemon x and y special edition 3ds xl

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Even if there is a Direct this month, and/or the next one, I don't think we'll hear of anything spectacular. If anything I wouldn't expect any of the supposed unannounced new games Iwata mentioned until Fall.


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