Topic: Anyone using Wii U gamepad for TV/Satellite???

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I tried this and didnt really like it. It works, but using the Wii U as a remote for Dish Network is well....a learning process. Its like everyone will have to relearn how to manipulate the satellite tv on the gamepad......when they already know how to do it with the normal satellite remote control. Plus I have to wire the Nintendo Wii U's HDMI directly to the TV's HDMI so it has its own dedicated input for the TV/Satellite feature to work. It works easier for me to have an HDMI switcher, and just pop from, Wii U, to Dish Network, to PS3, all in HDMI clarity.



The remote won't work well for me either. As my sound system handles everything including what video signal is sent to the tv.. And of course the game pad can't even control that

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