Topic: anyone sticking with wii u for mostly next gen?

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I'm sticking with WiiU, I'm just bummed about the lack of sports titles. The WiiU would be a perfect system to me if I could get an updated nba2k and hockey. These are the only games id buy a ps4 I think. Not interested in xbone. ..a couple of my buddies have one. We played bf4 last night and the game is just one glitch after another, very frustrating...I was playing campaign mode and it just put me back to the home screen mid way through playing!...then we played forza. Very pretty game but nothing real you have to buy cars to unlock them, almost impossible to earn enough points. Then theres COD: ghosts but i can play that on WiiU. and the kinnect is just kind of creepy. Idk, bad first impression of xbone for me.



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