Topic: anyone sticking with wii u for mostly next gen?

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Best part is my kid can play wii u on the tablet while i play PS4 on the TV lol everyone is happy.

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Xelnor wrote:

I play all the new multiplatform games on PS4 such as COD, BF4, AC4, NBA 2k14 etc..... the hardware is incredible, but the Wii U exclusive titles are fantastic, LOVE MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE, and wife and kids are totally into Mario

Good choice on a main system. I know some people a diehard Xbone fans but I'd have to say Sony did an excellent job at making a console that can do the online entertainment tying too but still keep its main focus of being a gaming system. I give Nintendo credit for that too even though they don't focus too much on the online entertainment side of thing as much as the other two but the option is still there. Xbone to me is trying to do something good but its feels like they are moving away from the reason they are Xbox which is gaming. I mean Smart TVs nowadays pretty much do everything you need. Couple that with a blue ray player and there you go, Xbone.

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Well there's still zbox exclusive games and everything he mentioned is on The xbone as well.


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You know what I might go with retron 5 this gen, who needs kids swearing at you over head sets when you can swear yourself at some frustrating 8 bit games like solstice, ok I think xbone stopped the potty mouth but the point still stands... kind of, only wish it had master system support too I have tons of master system games, but it has a number of other retro consoles and handhelds with an HDMI connector for I'm hoping a decent picture on HDTV's, so the retron 5 is a strong possibility.



I'm sticking with WiiU, I'm just bummed about the lack of sports titles. The WiiU would be a perfect system to me if I could get an updated nba2k and hockey. These are the only games id buy a ps4 I think. Not interested in xbone. ..a couple of my buddies have one. We played bf4 last night and the game is just one glitch after another, very frustrating...I was playing campaign mode and it just put me back to the home screen mid way through playing!...then we played forza. Very pretty game but nothing real you have to buy cars to unlock them, almost impossible to earn enough points. Then theres COD: ghosts but i can play that on WiiU. and the kinnect is just kind of creepy. Idk, bad first impression of xbone for me.



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