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WaveBoy wrote:

Arkaein wrote:

Everyone who is worried about losing pointer-style controls needs to relax a bit. In addition to the Wii remote being likely supported by any FPS or other game requiring aiming, you can do pointer and aiming controls using the gyroscope in the Wii U controller. In the developer roundtable during E3 Ubisoft indicated that the aiming in Killer Freaks from Outer Space using the circle pads for movement and the gyro for aiming.

The 3DS has games using gyros for aiming, and Skyward Sword will use the Motion Plus gyro for aiming instead of the pointer. The Wii U controller won't support many Wii Remote or Nunchuck style gestures, however it will support many of the best aspects off these controllers.

The thing is, in what way does that massive square of a Wii U controller replicate the feeling of holding a gun? You're tellig me I have to use both hands while controlling a characters handgun on screen? Or using that massive square with two hands to replicate and mimick Links Sword?lol how hilarious, horrible and akward feeling that would be....

The Wii remote however can replicate a hand gun, a sword, a bamboo stick, a light saber, a fishing rod, samsus's arm cannon, a flash light and so many other things ect ect ect. Hell, it can even mimick an ice cream

The Wii U controller on the other hand....What does it mimmick? a christmas present? it's a giant square and it's going to royally suck with it's gyro aiming controls for first and 3rd person titles compared to the wii remote. You can break apart your hands, your teathered down to a massive square pad....Makes it completely limmitinig as far as mimicking, replication AND feeling of a videogame characters arm/weapon.

First of all, you seem to be ignoring the part of my post where I remind everyone that the Wii Remote isn't going away. This is critical, and any future first person metroid-like games are most likely going to support the Wii Remote in addition to the Wii U controller.

Second, I agree with you that the Wii U controller will not be as immersive as a Wii Remote for aiming. However, it will be just as accurate (the Wii Remote won't put the crosshairs exactly where you point unless the game supports a calibration process like Twilight Princess, but fortunately this doesn't really matter), with the added bonus that pointing off-screen will be tracker accurately with a gyro. Gyro aiming is proven. Wii Sports Resort uses it, Skyward Sword uses it, any game using Playstation Move for aiming will use it. It will provide a great alternative to the Wii Remote.

Third, for many people the added controller features are more important that the sense of immersion. I enjoy the immersion of aiming a Wii Remote and swinging a Motion Plus sword, but I'm also looking forward to games with full compliments of buttons and analog controls. The Wii only supported one style well, but the Wii U will support both styles by having two different standard controllers.

I just hope that all developers implement good versions of both controls for shooter style games, and that the difficulty is not reduced to accommodate dual analog players.



I'm not angry but dissapointed. I don't like the Wii U till I know more about it. Why can't we just go back to the controller? I love the buttons! Why does everything needs to be more futuristisc? Why is old-fashioned not good enough?

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JDT wrote:

Why is old-fashioned not good enough?

Because it won't wow Non-gamers and tech-heads. Then again, it's that kind of thinking that explains why I intend to skip the next generation, portables aside.

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don't know if I've posted already but, I ain't... why?

1. Dont have to buy a bunch of new accesories and everything; Uses the Wii's controllers
2. HD
3. More of the M games
4. From what was said the controller is really comftorble (idk how to spell that)

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I'm reading a lot of speculation/complaints about the controller from people who have only seen pictures. I went to E3 and played the console and can attest that the controller is (I was shocked, too!) actually very comfortable, and it works fine as a traditional controller for the FPS and 3rd person action games, which I experienced by playing the Ghost Recon demo. Don't despair people!

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JDT wrote:

I'm not angry but dissapointed. I don't like the Wii U till I know more about it. Why can't we just go back to the controller? I love the buttons! Why does everything needs to be more futuristisc? Why is old-fashioned not good enough?

Old-fashioned doesn't fancy games like Mario Paint, Nintendogs, or the Tekken/Animal Crossing/Smash Bros editors.
Touchscreen is a must for editing and interacting with your game world in a simple and easy and absolute precise way.
Videochat is a must for online games. (Stafox 64 3D's online demonstration is amazing!!!)
And all the motion sensors and gyroscope stuff is a must for new innovative game experiences.

I know you have this all on your 3DS, but that's a handheld.
We want the same fun in HD home consoles too.
I'll be a launch day Wii U owner for sure. Can't wait to play full fledged HD Zelda in bed and on toilet.


I just read ngamer's preview of the wiiU. They do a far, far better job at explaining its concept to me. Consider me very, very excited now.

And the one room thing? I think it is just to ensure people don't expect it to work from huge distances away, to make it clear that this is not a handheld portable. If it is only barely as powerful as 1 room distance transmission, I am sure it would have waaaay too much connection issues

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Yes, as the only titles that are decent is Rayman Legends, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and ZombiU.

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pntjr wrote:

Yes, as the only titles that are decent is Rayman Legends, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and ZombiU.

NSMBU looks cool too, but yeah, there's not much else there.

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I'm not so mad at the Wii U as I am at Nintendo. I think the Wii U has potential it's just that they did a really bad job at showing that potential. Basically Nintendo's conference was "hey let's squeeze in as many games as possible before our time runs out." Which ok I saw all 23 games but what sets them apart (considering a lot of them were ports) or how does the Wii U give me a new experience? Nintendo basically did not have time to answer these 2 questions which I think were the 2 main important questions they should have answered in the first place.
Me: Yay Mass Effect is awesome please tell me more how it will be better on the Wii U and what we can expect from EA?
Nintendo: Sorry we have to move on to our next game before we run out of time.
Me: well tell me about this other game then.
Nintendo: Sorry no time.
Me: Decides to just sit there and watch trailers being played one after the other and getting little to no information on them, all I know is that Wii U finally has HD and a controller with a screen on it and better online (which 360 and PS3 have always had). Also knowing the average person that doesn't follow Nintendo like I do, they probably know even less.

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Seems like to me that someone JUST bought a Wii and their mad because the next generation is on its way

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I'm fine with it, got 3 games to look forward to at launch....which should be enough for me. I don't go and expect/buy ten bazillion games for a new console right at launch. xD

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No, I'm not angry. It's a games console. It will be a nice upgrade from my Wii, but because it still uses the controllers I can play my Wii games on it - it's a win-win!

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@OP: Your post lacked logical thinking. You want need Nintendo to kill all association with something that was successful? Also, SCREW YOU! I'm 13 and I'm extremely excited for the Wii U.

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So what exactly did the E3 show reveal? there is a system named Wii U coming at some unknown date for an unknown price with games that we mostly already knew about, and that it will still have unknown amount of storage and there may or may not be a hard drive available. The games we didn't know about, Nintendo Land and Wii Fit U had horrible presentations, Nintendo really messed up.... The biggest suprise of the show was that two Wii U Gamepads will work with the system... umm... eventually.... hopefully.... although it's not working yet. Also a lot of the games will be out in the launch window, no idea how big that window is... also at some point in time you will have many of the other Wii U features because they won't all be available from the start... whenever that is...



MagicLink95 wrote:

@OP: Your post lacked logical thinking. You want need Nintendo to kill all association with something that was successful? Also, SCREW YOU! I'm 13 and I'm extremely excited for the Wii U.

Pray tell how OP's post gives you the right to screw him.



WolfRamHeart wrote:

Not angry, just disappointed.

Sums it up. I get they only want to show stuff that is coming out at launch, but in that process they didn't give most people enough of a reason to stand in line and buy it day 1. Zombie U looks to be the only hardcore game that actually uses the controller in innovative ways that enhance the gameplay. Pikmin 3 has the nunchuck as the main control scheme, and Mario is... Mario. As for all the other cool stuff shown, I can buy it for a system I already own, or is a game I already own.
Quite frankly, I was dissapointed with everyone this year, except for Ubisoft.

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It's a figure of speech. Not literal. How come your signature gives you the right to make others suck it?


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