Topic: Anyone buy Metroid Prime Trilogy?

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Bought it to play MP and MP2 with the wiimote and it works perfectly! For some strange reason, these games still look and feel like something different from everything else...

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Praise the Sun, and Mario too.


Can't...New 3DS and MH4U more important. lol

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Given the issues some people had with dual-layer discs back in the Wii days I think that would be motivation alone to get this over tracking down a physical version, though I'd assume the Wii U has a better optical drive that then first gen or two of Wii's did.

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I have the physical version but I will download it tomorrow. $5 per game is a steal.

And before someone thinks my maths are off, I am never ever playing Echoes again, so I don't even count it. Never beat Corruption and my Wii barely reads the disc, so I will play it in the downloadable version.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


I most certainly did. Would've preferred an HD remaster with better graphics and gamepad controls but this will do just fine.


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I own the original copy of Metroid Prime and 3,I'm so use to playing Prime with the GameCube controller,its weird to me playing it with the Wiimote. I gotta get use to it now,but still prefer playing it with the GameCube controller.


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Like Angelic_Lapras_King I have all previous physical versions, but that price is an absolute no brainer and saves me changing discs when I want to play. Dear old Captain Toad is certainly getting my disc time at the moment, although I have such a backlog of excellent games it's unbelievable...


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I am tempted to get it for the price. I have the physical version, but that is a sweet price.

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I own the 2 original Primes on Gamecube, Corruption on Wii and the collector's edition of the Metroid Prime Trilogy, but since my little brother has yet to play these three Prime games I decided to get the Trilogy again on the Wii U so he'd have easier access to them. While I believe he's completed the best Metroid game, Metroid Prime Hunters, I still want my little brother to enjoy Retro's Prime games. Maybe he'll enjoy them enough as to make my opinion of them a bit more positive.

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Have the original steel case MR Trilogy. And DL'd this first thing yesterday. Failed my 100% scan run last night because I forgot the Ice Shriekbat , now, doesn't reappear after certain conditions; different from the GC version where it could be scanned at anytime later on.

sinalefa wrote:

I am never ever playing Echoes again, so I don't even count it.

Echoes is my favorite of the trilogy. You must save the Luminoth

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I bought it last night, even though I already have a physical copy (the steel case version). $10 is worth the convenience considering it's 3 games that I'll definitely play. Looks like I need an external drive now. I've only got a few GBs left.

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Have the physical steel case copy, but I double dipped because this is my favorite game (and by association, trilogy of games) of all-time.

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Nope, I got the Ace Attorney trilogy instead.

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Hopefully some people will start selling their MP Trilogy collections near me too. I've already missed it once because I didn't know it was rare.


I bought it even though I already own the trilogy. $10.99 for 3 of the best games of all time was just too good a deal to pass up.



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