Topic: Any other Wii U owners thinking about getting a PS4?

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probably but ill bet my money that its not on launch even though the launch line up is looking gorgeous

knack and infamous mostly. but i'll find a way to afford one once naughty dog releases their next game. probably my favorite developer rivaling ninteno and retro studios

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I'm getting an Xbox, and sticking with Wii U.
Wii U has the motion controller and touch screen, while Xbox has the motion scanner and other possible hardware like illumiview or whatever.
I won't need a PS4 if I have an Xbox, and there's way more perks for Xbox. Sony's doing way worse financially in comparison to Nintendo and Microsoft, and I don't want to buy a product that could possibly be dumped when Sony finally reverts back focusing on TVs and other devices like they used to before PS.


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Although I'm a bit of Nintendo fan boy I've had all the play stations and normally getting the ps4 at launch would be a no brainer. My one concern is no off screen play that I'm now used to. The thought of playing upstairs on my own seems quite sad to me instead of next to the ball and chain with some earphones on (whilst she watches the Kardashians or some shite). Il be interested to hear more on the vita link up as this could swing it. Whatever happens though, when the new Red Dead Redemption comes out il probably submit.Was hoping that I could play titles like this on my Wii U.fat chance of that!



The Wii was my only console, last generation. I bought it at launch. Then I got a Wii U last November.

I say this with no irony, whatsoever. I'm not interested in the PS4 because it has a stupid controller.



I probably will get a PS4, but probably not at launch.


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No, I go PC for multi plats. Although Sony does have a few interesting exclusives, I generally feel okay with just PC and nintendo.



See the thing that probably is going to prevent me from getting a PS4 day one is cost. It is gauranteed to be at least $400.


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I'd rather upgrade my PC, but I would probably get a PS4 over the next Xbox.

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Cheaptrick wrote:

I hope Nintendo put all those Virtual Console games in one section of the eShop. It's painful to see the Wii U eShop inundated with Virtual Console games mixed with real Wii U games. Makes me think a lot of PS4 seeing more of the Virtual Console games.

They do....

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Honestly with my Wii U and 3DS I am good for now. I might look into buying either a PS4 or XBOX but that wont be for a few years and than it will depend on the price and the libraries both systems have.

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I got addicted to PS3 for a while back when LittleBigPlanet came out, and I've put in SO many hours into LBP and LBP2 over the past few years, and it was also my first exposure to more hardcore games such as [PROTOTYPE] and Killzone 3, etc. When I was in that phase I completely neglected my Nintendo consoles! I finally came back to them about two months ago and they seem more appealing than ever now...and I have absolutely NO interest in getting a PS4 (for now). I'll be satisfied when Pikmin 3 comes out for sure, as well as other first party titles!

PS4 is also going to be ridiculously expensive at launch. I'm going to wait at least a couple of years for a price drop. I paid $600 for my PS3 at launch but there's no way I'm paying that much for a console ever again

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nope boring as hell, looks like it will have a bigger and longer drought than the wii u, no thanks


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nope boring as hell, looks like it will have a bigger and longer drought than the wii u, no thanks


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I think the PS4 and Xbox will have long slow starts. Perhaps, that is the new reality for consoles as game development takes so long these days. So, no. However, I am considering a PS3. Never bought one, pricing is great and library is extensive ..
I think I'm not alone on that which will also slow the start of next gen consoles this holiday.


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I have owned the PS3 since launch and have never amassed a collection of more than 5 games. Right now I have 3 Ni No Kuni, Demon Souls, and Uncharted. Incharted came w/ my 5th PS3 Ineeded to buy after they died. I will probably buy the PS4 at launch, but it will be the 1st major console I don't buy at launch since the Nintendo if I don't. I'm sure my friends that are all about FPS garbage will be frothing at the mouth. I can hear it now "Oh man, the next -Insert overdone FPS franchise here- is coming out in 3 months, it's gonna change EVERYTHING AGAIN!!!". Can't wait to hear about all the Haxors and exploiters in the Next Gen consoles as well. sigh.

Gotta catch them... eh, nevermind.


Probably not. There weren't a ton of games that interested me to the PS3, despite ending up getting one. Ratchet and Clank, God of War, and Uncharted were the best games that I thought the PS3 had to offer, oh and Metal Gear obviously. Otherwise not really interested in a PS4, sticking to my guns this time.

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definitly getting a ps4 day one as i already have the money saved up plus more




I certainly am - buying a PS4 - probably not at launch, but if history is a guide I complemented my Tendo box with - I think in this order - a Mega Drive, Playstation, Xbox and this gen a PS3.

But it's interesting.

I used to read the term 'diminishing returns' all the time. I don't know what's changed. Diminishing Returns is alive and well in console world.

Unless you're a Nintendo fan of course. We 'get' High Definition this time around. We get perhaps the last big gun, in regards to generational 'upgrade' selling points, before were all gaming via Google Glass or whatnot.

Motion is old news. Online, Social, 3D, Stuff. But HD… we have a reason to upgrade! Awesome.

Things will get deeper, hopefully simpler. Better. But it's going to be harder to package up and market the benefits of the other new consoles.

I'm thinking about the person that's picked up a PS3 Slim (or the Xbox-a-like) over the last 2-3 years, and enjoyed Journey, Ni No Kuni, Uncharted on top of all the multi platform stuff on a quiet, robust, ridiculously affordable platform; when you factor in what the content can be purchased for.

Anyone that thinks that person is automatically going to put down GTAV or TLoU, after seeing a Watchdogs gameplay movie for 'next gen' consoles, have a fit and run out to buy a PS4 for - lets face it, it will not be cheap - is deluded.

Enthusiasts will, because enthusiasts always will.

It's going to be interesting, seeing titles that can only be done on the new consoles from Sony and MS, but more importantly; seeing titles that - to the vast majority of people - LOOK like they could ONLY be done on a NEW generation of consoles.

Sony hasn't shown that yet. I wonder why?

With all the gloom of Wii U's launch and first couple of quarters, Nintendo's indefensible mis-steps and miscalculations, there are definitely parts of the gaming commentary that have lost sight of this.

NIntendo aren't the only ones that need to step up. They won last gen.



Probably 3-4 years down the line. It all depends on if they have any games that interest me after that period of time. Plus the price will be cheaper.

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