Topic: Any other Wii U owners thinking about getting a PS4?

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I might, but I want to see what's revealed for it first.


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Depends on where will Kingdom Hearts III land. If it's not on the PS4 or is a multi-platform somehow, count me out. I just know I wouldn't play as much games as I play on non-Nintendo console because of my taste and favorite franchises.


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I'd rather keep my $600+

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Nope. I'd rather put my moneys towards WiiU and 3DS games.

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Seeing as I only play Nintendo games, and that my budget certainly wouldn't allow buying another brand-new system (which will undoubtedly cost much more then a Wii U), let alone games for it, no.


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Will be down to the price, if it's 400€ or more I'll just upgrade my PC, since I know I use it and will continue to use it much more than any console.



If the price is low enough and if Destiny does not come to Wii U. For the most part I would rather build a PC instead, that way I get all the Nintendo Exclusives on my Wii U and 3DS while getting most of my 3rd Party games on PC. Not many Xbox and Playstation exclusives interest me.

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I often talked what sounds like the Wii U's doom & gloom but right now I'm still sticking with it & not planning on getting either one of the two next gen consoles just yet. I will definitely get either one of the two non-traditional gaming devices (Valve's Steam Box or Nvidia's Project Shield). I played mainly on PC & has the right hardware for it so I think I'm good to go. I do closely following any PS4 developments.

Right now the Wii U still caught my eye but it's slowly slipping away. The Gamepad innovation is really what makes me chose it over the others. I think even if you have a more powerful next gen console but the gameplay remains the same it's still the same no matter what. I yet to see a PS4 feature that truly makes it more unique than the Wii U. The PS Vita off TV play did not convinced me that the PS4 is a lot better. I really like the ability to share gameplay videos using the Share button, the improve gyroscopic control as well as the use of smartphone & tablet as portable game screen when playing on the go on PS4 (as to how this features going to work is yet to be seen). The Xbox offering is also yet to see in few weeks so it's too early not to give it a glance.

I'm still planning to move mainly on console gaming if the situation is right. PC gaming is so costly. Over the years of constant PC upgrades I've already maxed out my Paypal sending limit of $10,000. It's not cheap going on the PC route & I'm tired of modding & constant PC upgrades. It's easy to become a PC gamer but playing it hard against the others using the right hardware on PC is difficult to achieve without contant PC upgrades.

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Einherjar wrote:

And im defenitly not getting the nex Xbox if the rumors proove to be true (always on DRM, no physical games etc).

Both of those rumors have been debunked.

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I'll be getting one. For the last few generations it's always been either a Sony or MS console as my main gaming machine, and then a Nintendo one to compliment it with the Nintendo games. I went 360 last time, but think I'll be switching back to PS4. It won't be for a while though, such a huge backlog.



I'll eventually get one, once every main third-party developer (Ubisoft in general) cans next-gen multi-platform support, for ONLY hardware constraints. I've mainly been a Nintendo gamer, with sympathy and respect for Sony. None whatsoever for Microsoft though, nickel and diming consumers for basic internet access...

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Of course.

Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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With a capable gaming PC and a Wii U and 3DS im perfectly set for the coming years. PS4 does not offer anything (so far) I'd want to have or cannot get elsewhere. I was on xbox360 the past generation, but lost interest on all the exclusives and can get everything else on PC!

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No, I don't have time for multiple consoles. I like to do other things besides playing video games so the Wii U is enough for me.

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Actually I'm getting a Ps3 (maybe a Vita???) instead. It'll be cheaper, and I don't have to wait for exclusives. And Ps1/2 games, which is most of what I care about anyway.

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