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Nintendo asks for you to decide the next Wii U color to be available. What do you choose? I would pick a clear see through case. You never see those anymore except on mods, and its a shame and a crime.

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Year of Luigi, after all...(and it's my favorite color!)

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Jungle Green (clear/see-through). With a copy of Donkey Kong 64 U. ;D I still have my Jungle Green DK64 edition of the N64, box, system, game and all and I would LOVE a Wii U with the same color scheme.

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Gray or silver.


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Red, green, blue, yellow. Mostly all the colors you see on a kids cubby. Haha. Black's fine with me though.


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Transparent any color (clear, purple, blue, green, red, orange) and a nice transparent Gamepad to match the console.

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Green (because it's the color of money) with Reggie's face on the side of it.

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Zelda-gold, in a bundle with Wind Waker.



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Green Tingle themed WiiU

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N64 Watermelon Red (see-thru) or Zelda gold.

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Zelda Themed gold and black

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Orange with Operation Wolf preloaded.



Hot/pastel pink


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