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Hope this comes out on Wii U.... Has any one heard?



The series will eventually come but it will be different than New Leaf. Animal Crossing is a system seller on hand helds (Wild World sold ~12m). It hasn't sold that much on home consoles (although still decent sales with ~3.2m on GC and ~4.5m on Wii). I love the series though and I believe New Leaf will surpass Wild World in sales.

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I hope it doesn't reach the Wii U

I mean really, why should it? Nintendo's handhelds have gotten to the point now that they can produce an Animal Crossing game that, graphically speaking, looks better than Let's Go to the City. If they really need to add new features, I'm sure it wouldn't be particularly difficult to update New Leaf which is already considerably deeper than any other AC entry to date. What could the extra power of the Wii U actually do to the franchise, other than restrict it to a home console?

If a game can exist as good on a portable system as it could on a home console, why not keep it like that? I can't speak for everyone but I know that after playing Wild World, one of the reasons I couldn't get into LGTTC was because I couldn't put it in my pocket.


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They could do some neat stuff with the GamePad, though. Maybe the outdoors town is always visible on the TV and when you go into homes/buildings, you move around on the GamePad. So if some cruises by you can call out the window to them or something, invite them in.

But yeah, what SethNintendo said. It will come, but will have less impact than New Leaf.... but perhaps if they connect the two versions in a substantial way, all those New Leafs owners would look into the WiiU?

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The difference is a portable Animal Crossing is a "single player town" and a non-portable Animal Crossing is not.

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With the Animal Crossing New Leaf directors being in America just before E3, here's a rumor:



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