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Dear Mr. Dillard,
How's your E3 conquest going? WiiU seems cool, huh? How's the know what? I'm just gonna cut to the chase. You know what we all want. As soon as you get that WiiU controller in your hands, and test it out a bit, you have to say "Incredible, absolutely incredible" or we will gang up on you in chat. You've been warned. Well, have fun.


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Co-Signed, Roopa132.

Also, wear the same orange bandana.

Or else

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


And you must be sexy for the tabloids

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Roopa132 wrote:

Co-Signed, Roopa132.

Also, wear the same orange bandana.

Or else

i'm pretty sure he said the chihuahua ate that bandanna

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Corbie isn't at E3. I'll need photo proof of him with the Wii U controller in hand smiling next to a booth babe to believe this bs.

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Unfortunately, Corbie won't be anywhere near any of these threads any time soon. He's going to play those demos until they throw him out of that place, and then he's going to put on his Zelda jammies and sleep until they let him back in.

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Dear Corbie,

Please steal a Wii U stylus for me. I will pay handsomely for one.




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