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Seriously, this game will always be one of my personal favorites. Of course I'm talkin about New Super Mario Bros. U!!! Now, i typically only play it with my friends via their awesome co-op mode, but a solo playthrough i hear is just as fun. Playing with my friends however makes the game 10x more challenging. My friends enjoy trolling so whoever is on the gamepad likes to create platforms to try and murder me half the time, but that in itself is another level of fun! Its unadulterated fun, in a world full of dlc, season passes, and Mountain Dew Codes its nice and rather refreshing to see Nintendo be that constant we all have come to know and love. If you've lived under a rock for the past three years and haven't seen any gameplay of this utterly fantastic game please check out the vid of me and my friends fiddling around with it. Thanks for the read, also would love to hear your thoughts on the game and maybe some suggestions for other great games. Thanks again!!!




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Yeah that game really isn't old. I have yet to play it but it looks really fun. I enjoy the New Mario games. I loved 3D world with 4 players so want to check this out too.

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