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I think this should really be made for the Wii U because of the fact that it has a touchscreen and a stylus (And I like to draw during my free time). They should also make a two versions one is for the original Art Academy, that teaches you how to sketch and paint, and the other one would teach you how to draw manga and comic book styled drawings (The first one is for my sister and the second one would be for me, cause I like to draw anime characters, but I consider my drawings to be an average XD, and I want to hone that talent)

They should also make an app for the Wii U just like Colors 3D! but make it like a professional drawing app that would have tools that a drawing studio (like different type of pens and pencils, and coloring materials) would have and lets you post your drawing to Miiverse, and other social media sites.



Yeah like a mini Photoshop app, great idea yeah colour wud b nice n all


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that would be awesome i bet there's one coming there was a drawing of zelda in the wii u trailer on the gamepad that made me think it should be coming ^^

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I'm loving Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! on 3DS.

Wii U just seems like a natural platform for it at this point.
And with the higher resolutions, more memory, etc., just think of the cool effects and tools that could be used in lessons and art.

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