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I am really excited by these. I want all of them but think I'll start with Peach or Link.




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iKhan wrote:

I'm personally not interested in toys anymore. But I'm excited for Nintendo. If it takes off, Nintendo will have more resources with which to improve in areas I am interested. It also expands the Nintendo community which I have no qualms about.

You do know that gaming consoles are toys too....? I'm a mecha modeller/figure collector. So this is automatic win for me (Samus and Megaman figures? YUM)! The Amiibos may be the only Non-Mecha related figures I will have on my shelves ;)

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I'll have to play Smash Bros to see which character I like best, but Pac-Man seems safe - is Toad playable?

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

I'll have to play Smash Bros to see which character I like best, but Pac-Man seems safe - is Toad playable?

No but I think Captain Toad will be an unlockable.

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Which "amiibo" will y'all be picking up?
I personally will be picking up the Link one at least.


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I'd definitely buy some of my favorite characters :D (Wish Shy Guy was an amiibo lol)


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whodatninja wrote:

I'd definitely buy some of my favorite characters :D (Wish Shy Guy was an amiibo lol)

i bet there'll be a Shy Guy-amiibo eventually




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Going to buy Luigi, Ike, Pikachu and Lucas. Put 'em 'n' top of my Tv and play smash bros. Aw yiss.

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I want to get Marth and Link, two is already even too much for an adult man like me.

looking forward to Codename S.T.E.A.M.
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I want to get them all, need some Nintendo figures in my game room and these looks nice, and i like figures that can be used for more than decoration, i also like the Skylanders figures and game, Infinity not so much, i liked playing Pirates of the Carribean but not Incredibles and Monsters, havent tried any of the addons for it yet, but the figures i have so far looks nice on my Disney shelves atleast, and i love Marvel and have a lot of Marvel stuff around the house so i will probaly get a few of them, but so far it's only Nintendos figures i want all of (if the price is right, not higher then 15£ a figure)

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I really fail to see how this will affect any game in any major way that isn't made with these in mind (like Skylanders and Disney Infinity). The Smash Bros. demonstration made everything feel shoe-horned in. There's no way I'll be buying them just for Smash Bros. or Mario Kart.

As a collectible idea it seems neat, and it'll definitely make some money, what with Nintendo's ardent fan-base. But I don't see how this can be a game-changer unless if Nintendo makes a game with them in mind to really demonstrate their value as more than just a neat little figurine.

I wish them the best of luck and hope it proves successful.

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I can't wait for these to be released. I'm going to be picking up more than I should =P I'm disappointed to hear that half of the data goes to SSB, though. Also, they mentioned that they may release more lines for specific games (like the SSB ones). That seems to defeat the point, if you ask me. These should work with all games (and they will) but I shouldn't have to buy a new one to get ALL of the functionality. We'll see what they do,; it's too early to really determine if this is an issue or not.

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I bought into the "Toys to Life" idea before. So it's going to be no surprise that I'm going to buy aplenty of them just for me.
The way Super Smash Bros. uses it though...meh. I don't know anyone other than maybe one friend and myself who would take his time and money to train computers to fight. I'll still gladly buy a few, however I wish there was more incentive.

I also like how compact the 3DS Amiibo scanner looks.

I'm more interested in how Mario Party 10 can use them. The recent ND Cube games have been getting more diverse with the gameplay and Amiibo can really set the 10th console instalment apart from any party game I've seen. Anything that can benefit the party (Except for that horrid and inaccurate MP6 + 7 Mic) is good with me.

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I want whatever is related to animal crossing and zero suit xD

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I think my wallet is crying :'(

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Anyone want to take a guess how the non-Smash Bros game will work with these?

I'd like to see Captain Toad use the Mario, Luigi etc figures as in game helpers like Peach restores your health, Mario can take out baddies. Mario Party lets you use Samus or Wii Fit Trainers as your in game character.


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These amiigos, er, amiibos look better than happy meal toys. Flip side is, if they're NOT made in Japan, I can't see myself ever getting one. I can excuse Foxconn for making Wii (U)'s since most computer parts are made by them anyways, even the innards of most Japanese laptops/computers. What I WON'T/REFUSE to excuse is outsourcing figurines manufacturing just to squeeze a little more profit out of them!!




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I was pretty iffy when I first heard about this, but as long as they're not required to get the most out of games, then I'm all for it.
Should sell really well for Nintendo... I don't really care for this type of thing but I'm already thinking about which ones I pick up at one point or another.

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Miyamoto speaking to Kotaku about the origins of amiibo:

“If you think back it’s very similar to what we did with the eReader, the card readers that existed for the Game Boy Advance. I had been wanting to have not as an optional accessory but as a built in piece of functionality the ability to have this interaction of reading and saving data with a physical object for quite some time. And that was why we made the decision to include it with Wii U to begin with. And since the launch of Wii U we’ve been thinking of what’s the most appealing form factor for a physical object that has this functionality that people would see it and just want to own it and ultimately we decided that it was the characters themselves.”

Nintendo had been wanting “to have a series of these toys that worked not just with this one game but with multiple games" for a long time.



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I want to know how these are going to work considering certain amiibo figures aren't represented in certain games, obviously. If you buy a Samus amiibo for Smash Bros. thats wonderful and all, but if Mario amiibos can be used in Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and a multitude of other games, doesn't the Mario amiibo have a greater value?

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