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And they listed First Party titles as $99.99!!! Third Party games are listed as $59.99. Here are links.
New Super Mario Bros U-
Pikmin 3-
Nintendo Land-
Lego City Undercover-
Scribblenauts Unlimited-
Arkham City Armoured Edition-
Amongst others. It seems that $99.99 seems to be the general placeholder price retailers are using, but why is it only for first party games? Third party games are listed as $59.99 and some even as $49.99... strange.

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Because Nintendo hasn't released pricing details about their games. $59 is just what is assumed from the third party developers, and some games (like those that don't have as much content) launch at cheaper prices.

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Amazon just does this to cover their booty.

They have a price lock guarantee, so if they put anything less and it really is more expensive, then they're screwed.

So these don't mean much, but I guess people like to pre-order things nonetheless.



I'm not buying noting till Nintendo tell's us the real price.

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firearrow505 wrote:

I'm not buying noting till Nintendo tell's us the real price.

You're not necessarily "buying" them as you won't get charged until the product is shipped to you.



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