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All I want for Christmas is a Wii U! (Start Watching from 0:42, that's when the song begins)

Sorry, I really felt the need to share this! It's an awesome spoof that is great for this time of the year. All credit goes to: https://www.youtube.com/user/tonytj7?feature=watch

Here's the Video:

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All I want for Christmas is an N64

Also: Nintendo Life has a rule about not creating threads to advertise videos. Just put it in your signature like the rest of us shmucks do.

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It was funny, until they started swearing at the end. Seriously, the end would have been just as funny without the swear words. Plus, it's sad to see twelve year old and younger kids swearing without a second thought, and a dad who obviously doesn't care.

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Both of those were above videos were pretty horrbile. I like the old all I want for christmas is my PSP because its cringe worthybad and the story behind it makes it sadder and funnier.


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What an odd shift in tone midway through.

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