Topic: According to Nintendo World Report, the Wii U is doing significantly worse than GCN.

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I have a drawer with 18 Wii U games I play regularly, and another 12 digital copies of various games on the system, doesn't seem like the Wii U is much of a failure to me, than again I learned years ago to ignore sales figures and judge a system by how much fun I have with it.

I used to care when people criticized the Wii U, ridiculed Nintendo for their business practices, and only seemed to focus on the negative, but eventually their comes a point where it all becomes a sort of white noise and easy to tune out, so let the haters keep hating, I'm too busy enjoying the Wii U to care anymore.

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KoopaTrooper wrote:

I also think MS made a mistake with the Kinect. They were trying to grab that same audience the Wii got that propelled it into the stratosphere. Problem is those people weren't gamers. They saw the wii as a novel, new gimmick only due to all the news reports at the time of its release. Meaning beyond a few titles most of those wii's went on to collect dust and not make Nintendo any royalties or software sales.

A few things. Firstly the attach ratio of the Wii was fairly high. It was sitting at ~9 games per console sold which would puts it above the NES, SNES, Dreamcast and N64. It also puts it about on par with the Playstation, PS3 and Gamecube. Only three consoles managed to clear that attach ratio convincingly. The PS2, XBox and 360. I think it's a bit of a myth that the Wii was a console people got for just Wii Sports. They existed but not so much that it made a noticeable impact on software sales. Most of those casual gamers were, you would assume, happily buying Kart, Wii Fit, New SMB, Just Dance, Guitar Hero and so on when Wii Sports got old.

I think the main problem with Microsoft's attempt at attracting casual gamers is pricing. The Wii when it launched in Australia almost eight years ago (damn I'm old) cost $388AU. Since then gaming in Australia has actually gotten cheaper because of the stronger dollar and other factors. So it's interesting then that the lowest cost to dip your toes into the various consoles are as follows (I only included consoles that were available new at the two major gaming/media retailers in my area):
360: $140AU
3DS/2DS: $150AU
PS3: $270AU
Wii U: $300AU
PS4: $550AU
XBOne: $600AU

At $600 the XBOne isn't a casual, cool gimmick, impulse buy like the Wii was. The PS4 at $550 probably isn't either but the difference is that the PS4 isn't trying to be that. The Wii U however is in that impulse buy territory but, one assumes, there isn't anything grabbing the casual gamer's attention yet. Judging by the few casual gamers I know who got Wiis I think it's more a case of they got the Wii and don't think they need another one. Or they 'graduated' to the 360/PS3 a couple of years ago and aren't ready to upgrade again.

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