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I know that the new wii u controller is supposed to be really expesive but what if this controller could open the floodgates for more multiplayer? I mean the thing that is really stopping Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft from making more in the same room multiplayer is that the splitscreen would be too small for each person to see thier own character. I suppose it's now all about online now, but lets say that if you had 5 wi u remotes, wouldn't they all be able to play together because they could all see just there screen and not have to share a tv screen? If the wii u is as powerful as nintendo says it is wouldn't it be able to support that many players? Not only could this help non screen-lookers but also give hope for the times where you could actually sit in front of a video game with your friends in the same room and not be online? I don't think the wii u will kill splitscreen gaming but I think that could be one of the best killer applications ever. what do you think?

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Well even if the new controller is expensive a new feature such as the one you have suggested would certainly be an improvement. With multiplayer becoming such a big thing now, I think it would be a very good idea if Nintendo took an idea like this and incorporated it into the Wii U. Of course, not all games would work. But I’m thinking Mario kart, Metroid prime and Kirby. 5 player + multiplayer could well be possible on the Wii U, and it would be great if it was. The only problem is that it wouldn’t work if other players were using regular Wii remotes. And how many people would dish out the money for 5+ Wii U controllers. Still I think this is a good idea and maybe if Wii U controllers aren’t too expensive a feature like this could work out quite nicely.

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That's a good idea actually. For one thing, I don't think my eyesight is as good as it was. I was playing Mario Kart split-screen recently and was really struggling to actually see it in that tiny window. I had to go right up close to the TV. The option to use the Wii U controller's screen would have come in handy.

The thing is, I think the Wii U controller can bring a new age of online multiplayer. Its built-in mic for voice-chat and the touchscreen is begging to be used as a virtual keyboard. It's perfect for it. I loved playing Monster Hunter online, but I didn't have a keyboard to use (and even if I had, it would have been a bit clunky to have around). I had Wii Speak as it came with Animal Crossing, but it was pretty pointless as most people don't have it. I just had to make some stock phrases ("Oops", "Sorry", "My bad", etc...) It would have been so cool to just type on the fly with the controller. I'm looking forward to that with the Wii U.

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Pray tell how Nintendo'd find the adequate technology for 5+ controllers. They're already struggling to reach 4.



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