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torotoid64 wrote:

I wouldn't mind Wario and Waluigi appear in the next Mario and Luigi game :3 know it's kinda out there but why not have it set up similarly to how bowser was implemented in Bowser's inside story
Except Wario and Waluigi can have their own independent story that ties together with Mario and Luigi's side of the game. kinda like the good guy story and bad guy story in Sonic Adventure 2

Yeah that'd be cool or they could finally put them both in the Paper Mario series like they should have years ago

Also was I the only one who thought Lord Crump was just Wario in disguise He had the elf shoes, bulky body weight, wore purple and a tough guy attitude.

Capcom at E3: Guys we're sorry about how we've been treating Mega Man so we're gonna make it up to you by releasing the Mega Man Cancelled Collection with all the titles we cancelled in the condition they we're in just before we pulled the plug. Now who wants Street Fighter X Monster Hunter?


I think Waluigi can have two games this generation, including an initial adventure on 3DS followed by a meatier sequel on Wii U...

Waluigi's Casino - Nintendo 3DS
Waluigi is but a humble gambler hoping to squander away whatever little fortune he has by wagering at the fabulous Diamond City Casino (name is likely to change if Nintendo wish to give Waluigi his own identity). By playing various gambling-themed mini games, schmoozing with his fellow casino patrons (in order to convince them to bet more cash in spite of poor odds) and by audaciously breaking into the vaults, Waluigi can eventually accumulate enough cash to buy out the casino. Inappropriate conduct at the casino, including pickpocketing, indiscreet flatulence and theft, may result in the player being punished by having to perform community service (as opposed to jail time, which wouldn't lend itself well to an enjoyable gameplay experience). Upon completion of the single player campaign, players can continue to customise the casino, and can add facilities such as bathrooms, restaurants, childcare facilities, etc. Players can also explore each other's casinos locally or online (and even attempt to steal the other player's riches), and a separate download play mode will allow players to duke it out in the casino's various mini-games (as Download Play players do not have access to the in-game currency, all players can instead bet using their Play Coins and either lose or gain Play Coins accordingly).

Waluigi's Payback - Nintendo Wii U
With more riches than he could have possibly imagined, Waluigi has it all… a casino… a solid gold house… yada yada yada… that is until… the former owner of the casino tries to reclaim what was unlawfully seized from him by attempting to perform a heist at Waluigi's Casino. The former casino owner, who has, in desperation, joined the Mushroom Kingdom mafia (which is comprised of rebel backwards-cap-wearing Koopas and Toads), are out to serve Waluigi his comeuppance. In this open world adventure, Waluigi must protect his (unscrupulously gained) casino from being seized by the mafia. The mafia will attempt to infiltrate the casino by any means possible. They may, for example, attempt to seek employment at the casino, posing as potential allies and friends of Waluigi. Meanwhile, Waluigi must forge some ties of his own, but after developing a reputation as somebody who cannot be trusted, Waluigi realises that he must destroy the mafia from the inside. Waluigi's Payback incorporates the adventure/puzzle/simulation elements of the original game on a larger scale.


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