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I know it's just 50 cents so nobody cares, but didn't anybody else think it was odd that Nintendo wanted 50 - NON REFUNDABLE - cents to set up an additional Nintendo ID?

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I set a second account on my Wii U without a charge, so I don't quite understand what you mean.

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I think if you're under 13, you have to pay 50 cents.

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You have to pay 50 cents in order to let a minor have an account. It's to certify that you're not the minor

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I understand it's for a minor, just seems weird. Gas stations charge me $1 every time I pump to make sure it's a legit CC, hotels sometimes charge a night, but it always goes away, I never actually get charged for it and have to pay it. Plus Nintendo is making you register a CC for an account to make sure that account CAN'T use the CC to buy anything, that makes even less sense. Why not have the parents account be charged 50c since that's the one that will be buying stuff and the minor account just need a password set by the major account?

I know, it's Nintendo, they have to do everything weird and their own way. Like why is every setting except Download Management on the bottom of the screen? Makes no sense.

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