Topic: 4 Year Old Plays Super Mario U

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much better. good boy (or girl)!

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Awwww! I was four when I first played Harry Potter on the PS1, but I didn't touch a Nintendo game until I was 6 when I played Animal Crossing and Double Dash.

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The father has such a dead-pan voice its kinda funny. XD
And the girl (I'm assuming) isnt too bad at this actually.
Also I like how she calls Toad, "Mushroom"
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That's cute. I remember showing my three-year-old niece NSMB2 and she called the gold block Mario a "duck".


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Thanks guys, I am amazed at how good she is at this game... Shes been playing games since she was 2 or so... We found that a very young child can get the hang of and enjoy playing old classic arcade machine games like pacman and bubble bobble. those were her original favorites
She just started playing wii this month after I bought the Wii U.... She figured it out quick!




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