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  • Will it be possible to watch Netflix/Hulu content on the TV while playing a game on the Gamepad?
  • Will there be an option for messages to be non-moderated for faster messaging or that friends will be able to send messages in real time while global messages are the ones that will be moderated?
  • If Nintendo Land is possibly going to be packaged with the Wii U at launch, would it not be smart to have it pre-installed on the console to kick start the digital retail side of things and save on production cost?
  • With Miiverse and Nintendo Land, there seems to be a very easily implemented MMO, jump in and out of game play, style multiplayer element that Nintendo has in place. Will developers have access to this kind of online system? If so, I am pumped!!

Been thinking about these since E3, very excited about Wii U. Already have 4 games preordered GameStop. Don't let them tell you, they can't. Just tell them to check the "Sega Saturn" list. XD. To funny.



1. Only if you have a second device capable of streaming Netflix/Hulu onto your TV. I don't think the Wii U is powerful enough to multitask programs.
2. That's tbd. We don't know enough about Miiverse's messaging capabilities to confirm/deny that yet.
3. Depends on what you mean by pre-installed. Not all consumers are able to connect their consoles to the internet, so if you mean it would be free to download but not already on the Wii U when bought from a store, that would piss some people off. If the latter (installed in the box), it would make sense from a production standpoint, but we'll see if Nintendo will give us "the new Wii Sports" for free or if they think they can make a quick buck off of us at launch.
4. Depends entirely on the developer. As evidenced by DQ10, developers will probably be able to maintain an MMO-type game on the Wii U, but the question will remain: will they see the viability in doing so? Probably if Nintendo allows for subscription-based services through the eShop (No, Hulu Plus & Netflix on Nintendo consoles doesn't mean that's allowed; those accounts can't be maintained through the eShop)

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Thanks, great answers. The MMO system was more a reference to the sytle of online interaction not neccesarily the structure of any particluar title. More along the lines of, Go to the Miiverse screen, which has been confirmed we will be able to do at any time, see who is playing what and jump over to play that title. Even the ability to message your friends and say hey come play "X" game with me. I can't wait to see how expansive Miiverse is.



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