Topic: 3Ds cannibalizing on Wii U sale?

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@ 3dash
else than trolling u are never capable of?
keep it constructive or u are speechless?

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GameLord08 wrote:

Just so you're all aware, especially the topic creator, the Wii U has been officially confirmed to support 3D TVs - just not at launch.

Apart from that, I think this is entirely ridiculous. That's all.


that would be so awesome !!!
when they finally announce stereo 3d support for the software even with enhance wii games like npc just then new stereo view editions!
I finished recently metroid prime corruption and well from last time 2009 i tested it the magic was abit gone. Sure motion controls were still fun but the graphical presentation seemed abit dull and flat. Imagine if it was in stereo 3D!
Entering hypermode with +button would look so awesome with added huge depth.
Thats why i hope that soon a metroid3d will be announce for 3ds.
After Re:R and KIU soon nintey should get out next blockbusters. Any more silly mario or casual puzzle games aint do it.

Oh and about WiiU future stereo3d imagine having pikmim3 in 3d! THAT would really be day one buy incentive.
But as of now nov.30 will just be ordinary day as everyone else ...

MH4 online thread

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@Stereoman Was it really necessary to post the exact same thing twice?

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I'm laughing because Wii games will remain Wii games. They aren't going to make them 3D just for the Wii U, or port them, or whatever. The Wii U isn't going to magically make them 3D or anything. Same as the 3DS. They didn't make DS games 3D, did they? No, they're still 2D.

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