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They will sell the HD separately. This way, they can keep the console cheaper and please those like me who likes the convenience of download titles and quicker loading times.

There is a zero percent chance of a non HD version of the Wii U... they Wii U may be sold without the HD cable but no matter what cable you use it will not affect performance, the load times will be identical. If they sell without an HD cable they could change $50 for a $5 cable like Microsoft does. I hope that doesn't happen, there are still people with Xbox 360s hooked up to their HD TVs with composite cables, lol, some people just don't know any better...

The console itself will be affordable though... $250-$300

I think he meant HD as in Hard Drive. Not High Definition, even though he should have wrote HDD to make things clearer.

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As long as they keep it simple and clean. People always come into GameStop all confused with their Xboxes. I like companies that keep their products easy to understand. Kinda like Apple. Not that I like Apple.



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