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Stupid question probably answered here: Wii U does NOT include the possibility to download the games and continue playing or doing stuff o even turn on the Wii U and retake the download from where it was befeore? Cause if not, Nintendo has totally failed to make decent online store. Imagine downloading a game that uses ALL the capacity of the Wii U discs.

You can download while the Wii U is on and running other apps/games. It will resume where it left off, too. How is it bad that all the content is there? That's personally why I didn't like downloading games on PS3, because they compress the data. Fitting 15GB worth of data into a 10GB folder is not ideal. Quality is better than getting the game faster IMO.

Using that logic, I guess you don't ZIP stuff either. You know, because squishing all that data into a smaller space obviously makes it of much worse quality when you decompress it.



I don't know what you just said MetaBubble.

I've heard downloads look worse than the bluray in some cases, but it was probably just a mishap that happened. Even still, some games HAVE to install, even with the bluray. I don't see why you would want to use a 25GB bluray disc, that has 20GB on it, and still have to install it when memory is clearly not the issue.

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How it takes 20 hours to download a Wii U game is beyond me. Must have a slow internet connection. Ninja Gaiden 3, a roughly 5Gb file size, was only about an hour and a half for me. Assassins Creed 3, maybe around 15 to 20 Gb, took probably 5 to 6 hours. I personally find the Wii U to be very quick next to older consoles




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