Topic: 10 Things Nintendo Must Do

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1. X/X-Scape sequel
2. Star Fox sequel
3. 3D Kirby
4. Kid Icarus sequel
5. New 3D Donkey Kong
6. Fresh take on Mario (Who knows what? I'd like a game that frequently switches from 2D to 3D akin to Sonic Colors)

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JRAACHS wrote:

1) Lighter OS


The Wii U has only been out for a little over a week, and as we all should expect, there are some hiccups with the system.

2) Redoing Voice


In order for Nintendo to gain a good foothold in what they call their social console, Nintendo seems to have missed a very key social aspect: Voice. Nintendo needs to take a page from Microsoft and integrate system-wide chat, and even chat parties (groups, or whatever fancy term the please).

3) Video


Nintendo has gotten a good foothold in the video marketplace with Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. Don't stop there, add Crackle, Vimeo, and other major video sites. Youtube should be added to the TVii, since several series on channels like Machinima are widely viewed. With video this brings the next point.

4) Social Networking


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Nintendo Life, IGN, for goodness sake, Nintendo wants to be social, so give us some outlets to post what we're doing.

5) Acheivements


Not the most widely popular subject, with many on the do or don't side, I think it would be beneficial, seeing as Nintendo is the only system without and integrated rewards system. I'd like an Achievement for stomping a 1,000 Goomba's.

6) Pokemon


It's about time Game Freak should step off the pedestal of gravy train money making and put some effort into a full fledged Pokemon Title for the Wii U. Call it Pokemon Universe. It should have all the areas from Kanto to Unova. It should have all the cities from the games with the looks that are found in the TV show (even include James's Manor with Growlithe). It should allow you to make a character and choose how they look, and choose where you want to start, with each region carrying a different story line that relates to the next region and so on so forth. Allow our friends to hop in and join our quest (and not just the friends sitting next to us). Let us link with our games from the DS and 3DS, and even transfer them into the game. Don't make this a Battle Revolution second rate title, make it an all expanding version of the handhelds in full 3D glory, where I can battle wherever I want to, and not have to run through grass to find a pokemon.

7) MMO's


Nintendo has the unique opportunity to allow Devs like BioWare and Blizzard to port their massive titles to the Wii U, and with the availability of 3 terabytes, there's no performance or space issues.

8) Donkey Kong


I still own the last Donkey Kong title that was actually 3D. Donkey Kong 64 fit nicely into my 3rd place among the top N64 games of all time.

9) New Nintendo IPs


Give us someone else to look up to other than an Japanese made Italian English Speaking Plumber from the land of too many Hits.

10) Bring back all the Classics


Banjo Kazooie

What do you guys think? Add some more onto the list you would like to see, and reach this out to Nintendo, we need to speak up!!

I think you should stop focusing on the 10 things Nintendo needs to do and start focusing on the 1 thing you need to do: buy the neXtbox. my pants.


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