Topic: 10 first-party GameCube games we'd love to see in HD

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Eternal Darkness. I'm just going to pretend that there's even a slim chance of that happening.

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I'd be happy with a Pikmin trilogy. As for SSB Melee, I'd prefer for it to just be a port instead of an HD remake. Really the only reason I'm going to hang to my old Wii after getting a Wii U is because of that game, which is the only GCN game I own. If Melee does become available on Wii U at some point in whatever form, I'm either selling the Wii or giving it to a young friend of mine.


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BenAV wrote:

Kirby Air Ride, please.
Add online multiplayer while you're at it.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

/Thread, go home.

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Luigi's Mansion and Wario World would be awesome, and it would be even better if they added new features to make them longer games too.



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